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A press release from Freeman Regional Health Services (FRHS) issued Friday afternoon, Nov. 12 confirms that a resident at Oakview Terrace Nursing Home has tested positive for COVID-19.

The health care facility issued the release “in an effort to be transparent.”

“This resident was isolated from the other residents and will be cared for in the FRHS Oakview Terrace designated COVID-19 unit,” the release said. “FRHS continues to take every action possible to prevent this virus from further spreading in the healthcare facility and the broader community.”

It went on to note that FRHS has taken proactive steps since the onset of the pandemic to protect the FRHS Oakview Terrace nursing home residents and employees from COVID-19.

“These measures included following all recommended guidance from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and South Dakota State Department of Health.

“Keeping everyone safe and healthy continues to be the top priority,” in continued. “FRHS has been in very close communications with South Dakota State Department of Health and Avera infectious disease specialists to ensure that all appropriate precautions have been implemented. FRHS has been screening and will continue daily screening of both employees and residents for COVID-19 symptoms. However, there is potential to have this viral infection and not show any symptoms. It is also possible for someone to be unaware that they have been exposed especially when there is substantial community spread, as is the case right now. Please be assured that FRHS will continue to do the utmost to minimize any further spread of COVID-19 within the facility and will keep the community informed of any further developments. FRHS requests the assistance of the community to take personal actions that minimize the spread and reduce the incidence of infection.”