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LETTER: Maintain excellence by keeping staff in place 

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LETTER: Maintain excellence by keeping staff in place 

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As taxpayers who reside in the Freeman School District, it was disheartening to read of the suggested staffing cuts discussed at a recent school board meeting.

We are parents of four recent Freeman High School graduates. While our own children are no longer directly impacted by the decisions that take place in school, we continue to remain very interested in what’s best for the students of our community. These students are our future and, as taxpayers, we have a vested interest in making sure that they are provided with the best possible education. It is for that reason that we voted in favor of the recent property tax opt out.

Music has been an area in which the students of our school have excelled. It would be different if there were little interest in music, if we had difficulty attracting qualified staff, or if our music programs were not found to be successful. We truly could not be more thankful for what our children have gained through their experiences with music in the Freeman School District.

Students of Freeman Public are blessed to attend classes in an outstanding facility that’s part of a beautifully landscaped campus. Surrounded by a new playground, ample parking, and a stunning sports field, all grades are conveniently located on one site. Outside of our state’s largest districts or those with access to special federal funding sources, you can be assured that no other district’s facilities can begin to compare.

It is our hope that these outstanding facilities also be filled with students. If, as a district, we fail to offer a well-rounded, quality education, parents will choose to enroll their children elsewhere. Wouldn’t we rather that families in the surrounding area be attracted to Freeman Public because of all the great things that are taking place here? We need to make sure we remain viable and competitive. 

When families consider moving into a community, the school is often their primary consideration. Investing in our local school is an investment in the future of Freeman. With this in mind, we urge school leaders to maintain the current music staffing at Freeman Public.

Chris and Carol Eisenbeis