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308 S Main - PO Box 950 

Freeman, SD - 57029-0950 

Phone: 605-925-7033 - Fax: 605-925-4684 

e-mail: Our office is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.


This is a condensed online version of the Freeman Courier. The printed editions are distributed every Thursday and include more news, photos, features and advertisements.

All subscriptions come due January 1 of every year. Subscriptions starting after that are available at a pro-rated price. An online only subscription is also available.

Send subscriptions or address changes to Freeman Courier, PO Box 950, Freeman, SD 57029-0950 or email us at


Jeremy Waltner - Publisher & Editor

Stacey Waltner - Co-Publisher

Tim L. Waltner - Contributing Editor

Erik Kaufman - News Editor

Jason Scharberg - Advertising Manager 

Linda Von Eye - Office Manager/Typesetting 

Tabitha Schoenwald - Graphic Designer

Gordon Gross - Driver/Mailing 

Lois Wollman - Proofreading 


The Freeman Courier offers a wide range of advertising options through its three publications.

They are:

The Freeman Courier, which is mailed to subscribers; 

The Dakota Action Rocket, which is a supplement to the Courier and 18 other weeklies in south-central South Dakota; 

The Area Wide Connection, which is mailed to boxholders in a 25-mile radius of Freeman.

For information about any of these publications, contact the Courier office and ask for advertising manager Jason Scharberg.


The Freeman Courier welcomes news of interest to people with ties to the Freeman Courier. News can be submitted in person, via mail, faxes and e-mail.

Weddings and obituaries are printed free of charge, including photos, provided they are submitted within 90 days after the wedding or funeral.

The deadline for news items is Monday noon for publication that same week.

Letters to the editor are welcome and can be submitted in person, via mail, faxes and e-mail. They must be signed and letters longer than 350 words are subject to being edited for length. Please include a phone number for verification.

For information about new items or letters to the editor, contact the Courier office and ask for publisher Jeremy Waltner.