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  • Wednesday night, Jan. 6
    Wednesday night, Jan. 6

Paul Korn of Sayre Associates addresses city officials from Freeman during the council's first meeting of the new year held Wednesday night, Jan. 6. Korn was there to review the Main Street feasibility study conducted in 2013 regarding the possibility of a major capital project — a rebuild of the streets and sidewalks from North County Road south to Fifth Street. The project was never completed but the council — a new council — is taking another look at what would be involved in revisiting it. A rough timeline shows that, should the council proceed, bids could be let as early as early as fall of 2021 with construction in 2022. The council agreed to move forward with the next step and would like to see Railway Street between Main and Juniper added to the feasibility study.

Watch for a full report in the Jan. 14 Courier.