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Toy drive for the holiday  

I hate to get too philosophical or sappy here, but we’re getting to the season where family and friends celebrate each other and all that they have, so why not? I ask that you indulge me. 

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Tickets on sale for 60th Schmeckfest

Milestone ‘tasting festival’ will be marked by buffet-style meal, ‘Godspell’

Orders are now being accepted for tickets for the 60th annual Schmeckfest in Freeman next March 16, 17, 23 and 24.

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Elimination of custodial, music position on the table

Superintendent Kevin Kunz on Monday night, Nov. 13, suggested the Freeman School Board consider eliminating two full-time positions — a custodian and a music teacher — as a way to save the district money long-term. 

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For The Birds

It could be the cold weather, or it could be that many families will be serving turkey on Thanksgiving Day, but this bird appears less than enthusiastic as it hangs out on the front yard of a Cherry Street home Wednesday, Nov. 22.

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How did you vote in the 2017 Freeman Public opt-out

This question came from a Freeman Public School official seeking input as the board and administration look at options for dealing with a budget shortfall.

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LETTER: Maintain excellence by keeping staff in place 

As taxpayers who reside in the Freeman School District, it was disheartening to read of the suggested staffing cuts discussed at a recent school board meeting.

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Donkey basketball delights hundreds

A donkey basketball fundraiser at the Freeman High School gym Saturday night, Nov. 11, didn’t only meet the expectations of organizer Mindee Birnstiehl. It exceeded them.

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